The Hideaway Resort

Ban Chang


The Hideaway Resort, Ban Chang with its 32, spacious and well appointed modern rooms is a not the average city hotel. True, The Hideaway Resort, Ban Chang is perfectly situated in the heart of the city and less than 0.6 KM from Phayun Beach and 1.5 KM from Phala Beach. But The Hideaway Resort, is a place to escape within the city and an oasis of peace and quiet, with all the amenities of Ban Chang town centre just around the corner. Making, Hideaway Resort an ideal choice for the business traveler, as well the tourist with more relaxing activities in mind. The Hideaway resort is a place to unwind and relax, no matter how hard your day has been.


The main resort is a smart, new but small resort and has 31 rooms available.
Price includes breakfast.
To book please email
or phone Hideaway number. 06-1909-6029 (Line)

Special negotiated prices:

Room prices include additional 100 THB for 2pm checkout
Deluxe 1,500 THB per room per night
Studio plus 1,700 THB per room per night
which is double and single bed.
C3 2 x Double beds 2,200 THB per room per night
C2 2 Double beds but this room is much larger than C3 - 2,400 THB per room per night
Family room sleeps 6 which has double bed and another room had two double bunk beds and a living room / kitchen 4,200 THB per room per night
Number of Saturday lunch coupons: THB 150 per person
Number of Saturday dinner coupons: THB 350 per person
Number of Saturday kids (5-11yr) dinner coupons: THB 150 per person

Overflow resort 1
KC Residence

They have 17 rooms available.
KC Residence is 850 metres from the Hideway Resort.
The Price is 800 THB per room per night, (this includes a 2pm Sunday checkout).
Note, no breakfast is included and they do not have dining facilities.
Please contact through Facebook Messenger to book.

Overflow 2
There are other resorts nearby including Kantary, Royal Place Banchang and some cheaper places nearby.

Feb 2023

Ban Chang