• Resort booking details are provided on the BHHB website, however, you do not have to stay at the official BHHB resort to take part in the bike hash.

    BHHB ride registration is done in person on the day of the bike hash. It is not possible to pre-register.

    Hash-cash (registration) opens about 40 minutes before roll-off and closes 10 minutes before roll-off. Hash-cash can usually be found close to the roll-off point.

    If you arrive too late for hash-cash, you can still participate, simply ask for and pay hash-cash at the circle after the ride.

    • Visitor Saturday adult: THB 400
    • Visitor Sunday adult: THB 300

    • Member Saturday adult: THB 300
    • Member Sunday adult: THB 200
    • Lifetime membership: THB 500

    • Children (<13, Sat/Sun, Visitor/Member): THB 100
    • Non-rider circle drinks+food (Sat/Sun, Visitor/Member): THB 200
    Benefits of becoming a member include monthly email newsletters and discounted ride fees.
  • Make your way to the roll-off point about 45-30 minutes before roll-off where you can pay hash-cash, top up your water, do a last check of your bike and get the hash mechanic to help you with any last minute bike problems, plus have a good pre-ride natter with fellow hashers.

    10 minutes before roll-off, a briefing will be held for new riders explaining hash etiquette and the (very few) hash rules.

    At roll-off time the hares will give a briefing of the ride ahead with things like approximate distance to the water stop, total ride distance, shortcut options, FRB (Front Riding B*****d) options and potential hazards to look out for.

    All riders usually start together, unless the hares advise otherwise.

  • The route will be marked with shredded paper placed on the left side of the trail about every 100 metres.

    However, to slow down the FRB's and to try to keep most hashers riding together, the hares do set CHECKS and FALSE TRAILS which means working with your fellow hashers to see where the trail continues. The trail may be up to ~500m in any direction from the last paper marking at a check, or up to ~250m in any direction from the last paper marking on a false trail.

    Some paper markings may occasionally be blown onto the other side of the trail or washed away or even eaten by cattle! which should be considered before you turn around.

    The route is not available for printing or downloading to a GPS before the start. Only the hares know the route.

  • GPS files for all hashes are available to download after the event from the BHHB website. Maps and GPS files are not made available before the event. Only the hares know the route at the start and hashers need to work together to follow the route marked by the hares.

  • BHHB events are designed to be attractive and fun for both novice and experienced mountain bikers. Hares usually offer short-cut options for those finding they need something a little shorter or easier and the Hares may also offer some FRB only options for those wanting to try something a little more challenging.

    All riders should be of good health, have at least a little experience of off-road riding, be comfortable with riding on public roads and be fit enough to ride the published event distance.

    The Sunday hash is shorter, less technical, less climbing and intended to be suitable for children who have some riding experience and could therefore be a good introduction if you are unsure of your riding abilities.

  • The event is NOT a race, is not timed and you will not receive a race number.

  • Riders will not receive anything in the post. Resort bookings and hash on-sec notices will be communicated by email. Please check the BHHB website and facebook page for other notices.

  • The water stops are usually located at a small village store where you can purchase water and snacks. The hares will be at the water stop with a first aid kit and will provide a briefing for the next stage of the ride before releasing riders. Hares can also usually provide an optional short-cut / easy option back to the resort from this point.

  • No.

    The hares may not have completed marking the trails, the water stops may not be ready and you would miss the important hare briefing detailing any potential hazards along the trail.

  • We appreciate that some riders are faster than others and that if you suffer from punctures or mechanical issues then your ride could take longer than expected. We try to be fair to all riders, however the hares cannot stay at the water stops and finish points indefinitely. Usually, there is no cut-off time to finish, however, the hare briefing will include details of any hash specific time-cut offs. If you are unable to finish the ride before sunset and you do not have good bike lights, we recommend you arrange to be picked up for your safety.

  • If you breakdown and are unable to repair your bicycle yourself at the side of the road, firstly ask any passing fellow hares if they can help you with the repair. If you are unable to get going again, try to arrange to be picked up by a non-riding friend, or ask local villagers if they can give you a ride back to the resort. Thai people are very friendly and usually very helpful. Lastly, please call the hares (number provided at the hare briefing) and they will do what they can to help you get back.

  • The route is marked with shredded paper placed on the left side of the trail about every 100m. Sometimes the paper may be blown onto the wrong side of the road or washed away, therefore you should try continuing further in the same direction to see if the paper markings start again. If they do not, please ride back to the last paper markings and have a look for where the trail may continue. If you can not find your way, please phone a hare (number provided at the hare briefing) and they will do their best to get you back on track.

    It can also be useful to remember the resort name in case you need to ask for directions. Google maps can be a very convenient option as well.

  • We recommend that riders should come fully prepared for all the eventualities that may occur during the ride. Although not exhaustive we would suggest riders bring the following items:

    • a trail worthy bicycle
    • a helmet – you will not be able to take part without one
    • suitable clothing for riding in – including wet weather gear
    • water bottles / hydration pack, energy gels, energy drink powders
    • small first aid kit
    • spare inner tubes and/or tyre repair patches;
    • tools such as tyre leavers, air pump, allen keys and chain tool;
    • spare chain links
    • mobile telephone
    • GPS / phone app with maps (to help you get back to the resort if you get lost)
    • money for drink stops, public telephones, emergency spares parts, etc
    • money for hash cash and buy BHHB merchandise.

  • Yes.

    No helmet = no ride.

  • The BHHB bike hash is a mainly off-road event and the hares usually provide a mixture of single track jungle routes, double track fire roads, occasional minor concrete/tarmac roads. The routes may include crossing fences, gates, ditches and small streams which may mean getting a bit muddy and wet. There is usually gentle(ish) climbs and fun downhill sections. The trail may be smooth hardpack or have many stones/rocks in some sections to practise your off road riding skills. The routes are designed to be suitable for people with a wide range of cycling abilities. Short cut options are usually provided for those that wish to bail out early.

    Riders should be aware of the inherent hazards of riding off road (blind bends, oncoming hikers/trail runners, tractors, loose surfaces, rocks, pot holes, standing water, uneven surfaces, mud, gravel, low hanging branches, thorns, mosquitoes, etc).

  • The event is open to anyone riding a suitably maintained road legal bicycle, however we recommend the use of xc (cross country) or trail mountain bikes, either hard tails (has front suspension) or full suspension bikes. Due to the nature of Thailand's trails we also recommend running tubeless tyres with sealant or kevlar strips inside your tyres to reduce the possibility of punctures.

  • Yes, people of any age are allowed to enter. However, children under the age of 16, on the date of the event, must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No, the Bike hash is not a race and riders are not timed. In fact, anyone overheard mentioning the word race will be subject to some light hearted punishment in the post ride circle!

  • A bike hash is a mass participation cycling event which is open to all.

    They are aimed at mountain bikers of all abilities and normally will have choices of route so that riders can choose the distance that they want to ride.

    If you enjoy riding a bike, then almost certainly you will enjoy riding a Bike hash!

    There’s no competition with other riders, you ride at your own pace, to achieve your own personal goals and enjoyment whilst taking in the scenery. If you are new to cycling then completing the distance might be your personal challenge.

    The bike hash is a great opportunity to meet other riders and ride with a group at your pace too.