Jun 2023

Kanchanaburi, 01/02 Jul 2023

The resort is very nice. It mainly caters for Korean golfers. All accommodation is stand alone villas. It now also has large pool.

Resort details

Phone number: 092-638-4156

Email: thantip-tip@hotmail.co.th




Booking instructions have not been made available yet.

The rides


John 'SS' M and Steve ''Rearend Tarzan'' H

What to expect?

Ride details coming soon!


Important: There are 2 Mida resorts in Kanchanaburi. This is the "South" one.

Directions - assuming via Nakhon Pathom:

  • On approaching Kanchanaburi on the 323, turn right onto the 367 ring road at the traffic lights.
  • Continue for 13 km on the 367 to the traffic light junction with the 323 on the other side of town. Go straight over the cross roads and you’re now back on the 323.
  • Stay on the 323 for 12km and then slight left at the large Mida Golf billboard onto the 3229.
  • At 6.4 km turn right at another large Mida Golf billboard on to a local road.
  • Continue 2.4km and turn right into Mida Golf.

Allow 3 hours from Bangkok.

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