Aug 2007

Kanchanaburi, 25/26 Aug 2007


Lem 'Gander' M

Peter 'Maverick' L


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Ride report

Ride:- 274/275                        25/26 August 2007.Location:- Pung Waan Resort, Sai Yok, KancahnaburiHares:- Lem "No Good Boyo" Morgan and Peter "Maverick" LaverickScribe:- Robert Francis.This August's ride was held in beautiful Kanchanaburi province, leaving from the lovely Pung Waan Resort. This ride was incredibly popular with massive turnout -- accommodations booked out very fast (perhaps due to the picturesque location and quality of the lodgings).The trail as set out had a very nice combination of dirt-road and off-road trail riding. It had nice rolling hills and with some exciting downhill sections. There were one or two cruel checks that phased a few of us. Unfortunately, at one of them the flying Frenchmen led a considerably large group up a rather daunting mountainside before everyone realized there was nary a strip of the white stuff in sight!At the water stop the rains set in with a vengeance. Several groups were seen cowering under their rain ponchos (a new fashion statement), but the ride went on. Eventually the group came upon the muddy hillside that left a few riders stuck in the clods and wimping out of the full course, but again the ride went on. The upside of the rain was the cool air and beautiful mist in the mountains that was visible afterwards. Another highlight of the ride was careening down some nice single track through a pack of elephants at work in the jungle. What a stupendous Thailand experience!During the circle there were some very notable outrages to be pointed out by the RA's, Carpet Burn and Poopa Scoopa . "S" was called in for coming without his wife to the hash, but a lookalike had to imbibe. Weed Eater and No Meat were called in for ruining the electric system for very weird reasons. Reg and Elizabeth had to enter the circle for forgetting their front wheels, and one visitor had to pay for wearing hip shorts. Pepsi Max, Gavin, and several others tossed back a Chang for washing their bikes during the circle. Finally, Poopa Scoopa himself and one unnamed newbie had to drink from the piss pot for their new shoes! Overall it was another great Hash bike-riding experience. Special thanks to hares Lem Morgan, and Peter Laverick for their terrific work in setting this one up. This one will be tough to top!Web nerd notes: Trails files are corrupted for this month