Aug 2009

Kanchanaburi, 29/30 Aug 2009

Ride report

Date: 29/30 August 2009.Venue: Pung Waan Resort, Saiyok, Kanchanaburi.Hares: Lem "No Good Boyo" M, Terry Moore and Peter "Maverick" L.Scribe: Richard "Scrotum Dave" JAugust is always the time of the year when the BHHB finds itself heading for the lush green mountains of Sai Yok and the Kwai river valley.Once again we found ourselves at the Pung Waan resort that has undergone a face lift in recent months and for those in need of sustenance before the “ride off’ the Hares had organized an excellent lunch, complete with freshly made somtam, much to the delight of the Thai ladies of the hash – would they ever leave the somtam and go on the ride!The hashers gathering for the Saturday ride all expected rain and mud, just as in the previous year. Experienced hashers know of the horrors of mud and a number expecting the worst had come with their “old” bikes and a few had even stayed away preferring to party in Bangkok!News that one of the hares had broken his arm on a recce a few months earlier added to the pre-ride anxiety.Our Hares for this ride are amongst the more senior members of the Hash and know the Sai Yok area very well having hared rides in the area for a number of years. Indeed the August Hash has become an annual BHHB classic. However this year we had our first 'senior moment' during the pre-ride briefing, when one of the hares apparently paused over the direction we should take to start the ride. “Now just where does the paper start?” he was heard to say, but after a moment of reflection it came back to him!Another “moment’ appeared to follow when having taken the correct exit road from the Resort we noted the paper was on the right and not on the left. We should have noted this more carefully!The trail soon took us to the picturesque suspension bridge over the Kwai River. This marvel of engineering in the heart of the river Kwai valley is ageing gracefully and maintenance appears to have been handed to the local tradesmen of the area. The view of the fast flowing river between the strips of rough timber that make up the decking of the road certainly lifts the heart rate!And on the bridge, once again the paper was on the right as we started to cross!A number of FRB’s made it over the bridge and disappeared from sight on the far bank of the river. As the main body of the Hash prepared to cross, loud cries of “the papers on the right” and "this is the on in" and "check back" were heard. As the calls had come from a voice of authority the Hash duly turned 180 degrees and into apparent chaos! Some unfortunates even had to make the perilous trip back across the bridge. Some considerable time later and after much “checking” the hash once again found itself heading over the bridge, and once over the river finding paper correctly laid in the left side of the trail. Had this been another “senior moment” on the part of the Hares or a clever trick to slow the progress of the hash and keep everyone together.Having cleared the “bridge of terror” the Hash was treated to a good road and then a good uphill section of latricite track. The views were stunning with clear blue skies and no sign of rain. With luck the blue skies would last and we would miss the dreaded mud. From this trail we were treated to a superb section of single track which showed some evidence that the Hares had been along earlier and done some gardening as the track had obviously been cleared.The second part of the ride consisted of more single track and good trails and roads through never ending fantastic scenery. At one point we circled a tapioca field and even this was dry and was quickly negotiated . If it had rained as predicted this would have been a “battlefield’ filled with broken bikes and mud covered hashers!So after 50 odd kilometers of fantastic riding it was circle time, duly presided over by our venerable GM. This circle was notable for the return of our RA “Sticky Trousers” who has obviously missed Thailand and the BHHB so much he has decided to return, good to see him back and the punishment metered out to one relative newcomer, Jason. Jason had previously only done one or two hashes but this time it was to be his turn in the circle, not for just one “down, down” but five. And then to top this, he was awarded the “piss pot” of the month. Needless to say, he made the dinner in the evening, this guy is a true “hasher” in the making.To finish off a great day the Hares had even managed to provide an evening of song and dance in the form of the lovely May supported by local kids.Were already looking forward to more of the same next year, keep the Kanchanaburi classic coming guys!


47.26 km, 761.0 m
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26.11 km, 247.0 m
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