Sep 2021

, 25/26 Sep 2021

Dear fellow Hashers,

After considering all the changes in the world over the past 10 days, I feel it is important to do our part to promote “social distancing” and help “flatten the curve” (two concepts I did not think about a month ago) thus we are cancelling our March and April Hash. I realize this is unprecedented in BHHB history but I feel the up-sides of holding the Hash do not justify the potential downside risk.

The Hares have contacted the resort and they were expecting our cancellation. The resort confirmed they will refund all who have booked and paid for their rooms. To get your refund, please e-mail the


Mother Trucker

Resort details

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The rides


Lakhdeep 'Hairy Ball Maker' B, Henrietta 'Ball Handler' B, Johan O, and Annelie O

What to expect?



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