Mar 2020

Chonburi, 28/29 Mar 2020

The resort is very nice. All accommodation is in villas. The villas come in 2 bedroom units with a shared living room, if any groups want to share together. It has a large pool.

Resort details

Phone number: 084-161-5858




Room price for 2020 to be confirmed, but likely same as last year (1200 to 1500 thb)
Extra bed price to be confirmed, but will go up from last year's 500B

The villas come in 2 bedroom units with a shared living room.So if you want to book to stay with a friend please state that you wish to share a 2 bedroom villa. The bathrooms are on suite and not shared.

Check out at 2pm.


Saturday lunch and dinner are a la carte.

Booking instructions have not been made available yet.

The rides


Frank J, James M, and Neil 'SC' R

What to expect?

Saturday ride approx 40km. Khao Mai Keow

Sunday ride: length not yet confirmed


  • Head down highway 7 towards Pattaya.
  • Take the exit on the left, through the toll, onto route 36 towards Rayong.
  • After about 6km, turn left onto route 331, signposted Chachoengsao.
  • After about 1.7km, turn right into Pattaya Country Club.

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