Aug 2018

Suphanburi, 25/26 Aug 2018

Quaint and quiet but not too modern. Good food. Has a swimming pool.

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Room rate is based on 2 person per room. Extra people in the room will be charged at 300 thb/person.

  • 16 x Pangrum (Twin bed): 900 THB
  • 4 X VIP Pangrum (Double bed): 1300 THB
  • 10 X Plaidao (Twin bed): 900 THB
  • 7 X Chanokdao (Double bed): 1500 THB

Last update: July 2018


  • Friday dinner is À La Carte, i.e., off the excellent menu.
  • Buffet breakfast is included in the room rate.
  • Saturday lunch is A la Carte.
  • Saturday night dinner is B200 per person (please book in advance as we have guaranteed 40 persons for dinner).

Book your Saturday meal in advance, with your room.

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The rides


Joe 'Nice Rack' W and Chris 'Sack of Shit' O

What to expect?

  • Saturday’s ride is 37-44 km depending upon whether you take the FRB route
    and/or shortcut. The ride is through, in and around low foothills of U Thong,
    including hills and sugar cane fields. The tracks are singletrack, jeep track,
    cow track and farm roads. On the Saturday ride there is one very long (and
    rocky) downhill section that is a blast! There are two water stops on Saturday
    (10 and 26 km) and the area is quite arid, so plan on drinking a lot….of

  • Sunday’s ride is 28 km and is mostly kid-friendly. There is one climb with a
    steep downhill section that we recommend kids walk down (Joe hit 60+ km/hr
    going down). The track is mostly singletrack/jeep track in sugar cane fields
    except for the sections near the hills. There is one water stop midway
    through the ride.

  • This area is thorny, so please remember to bring extra tubes and
    patches or sealant if you are riding tubeless.


27 Resort approximately 2 hours, 15 mins drive from central Bangkok

  • U Thong, Suphanburi Province
  • 14.4823 N, 99.8548 E


  • From Bangkok vicinity, get on the west loop of Highway 9 heading north.
  • Take HWY 9 north until you reach HWY 340 (northwest).
  • Exit onto 340. Travel on 340 for 63 km.
  • Exit left onto HWY 357 (Suphanburi Ring Rd). Head west on HWY 357 approximately 8.5 km.
  • Exit left onto HWY 321, heading west for 21 km until you reach U Thong.
  • At the roundabout in U Thong, take the 2nd exit onto Route 333
  • Drive 2.9 km on route 333, then turn left on Road 3019
  • Drive 10.4 km and turn left onto the road into the 27 Resort.
  • The resort is 1.4km up this road – follow the signs
  • 500 meters before the resort turnoff, you will pass Wat Khao Dee Salak on the left.

27 Resort

49 หมู่ที่ 11 Tambon Phapphachai, อู่ทอง Chang Wat Suphan Buri 72160

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