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The following members have passed on. May they rest in peace.

If you know of any other member who has passed on who doesn't appear here, or if you have more information about the people featured on this page, please let the Webmaster know.


3 Sept 2016AndrewBAndrew Bond. Andrew made his first ride with us in September 2008. Besides joining 11 BHHB rides he was also involved in organising two outstation rides in Chiang Mai.
27 May 2016 John 'The Pope' Earl. John clocked up 137 rides, and was part of several hare teams. Besides taking part in the rides he helped a lot behind the scenes, often bringing those vital components of a Hash - beer and softies. He formed part of several hare teams, and when he was on the hareline we knew we could enjoy chilli dogs when you got back from the ride.
July 2013 Ric 'Hand job' Johnson joined BHHB in January 2009 and completed 19 rides. Sadly he succumbed to injuires incurred while road cycling in his native Queensland.

2007 Jenny 'Jarunee' Forster rode with BHHB from around 1995 until she left Thailand in 1999. She was great fun and a genuinely nice person always laughing and enjoying what she did. Her life was cut short by a car accident in Europe in 2007.

Page last updated: 18 June, 2016