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Links to Thai running Hashes

Bike Shops

LPR - Bike maintenance at the Hash. Phone 08 1815 7948.

Probike - bike shop next to Lumpini Park

World Bike - bike shop on Ramindra Road and in Chonburi

List of other bike shops in Thailand


Other Thai Biking Links

Bicycle Thailand - website with all sorts of useful information

Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours - bike tours around Bangkok

Grasshopper Bike Tours - bike tours in Thailand and the region

Hua Hin Bike Tours - biking trips in the Hua Hin area

Klong Cyclist - cycle routes around Bangkok

Mountain Bike Tours Thailand is a mtb information website

Mountain Biking Chiang Mai

Northern Trails Cycling Adventures

SpiceRoads - bike tours in Thailand and the region

Sports Thailand - all sorts of healthy outdoor activities

X-Biking Chiang Mai - downhill mountain biking in Chiang Mai.

Bike Hashes

London Bike Hash

Phuket Mountain Bike Hash

Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Hash

Kuching Mountain Bike Hash

Singapore Bike Hash


Other Biking Links

Bali Trailblazers (recommended by Joris L)

Bali Cycling

Bike Magazine

Bike China Adventures

Sierra Cycling (cycling in Spain)


Page last updated: 20 Apr 2017