Feb 2028

Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, 18/19 Feb 2023

An up-date on the Chiang Mai Outhash – the hotel is fully booked.

Overflow Options:

The Bamboo Grove - Costs is 1200 baht/room – no breakfast
Book a room use: Hotels.com or Trip.com or Booking.com
Address: 76 Village 4
Soppoeng, Mae Taeng
Chiang Mai 50330.

It is 7.5 KM from the main Hotel

Nern Jam Sai - Costs is 1800 baht per room with breakfast
To Book, call Khun Nok at 092-346-4334 – tell her you are friends of Duke and Tom
Address: 4R3G+233 Unnamed Road
Soppoeng, Mae Taeng
Chiang Mai 50150

It is 9.5 KM from the main Hotel

Tent in Tom’s yard - Free but bring your own tent and sleeping bags - we have mats and pillows and showers
To Book - Let me know
We are 2.2 KM from the main hotel.
Any other hotels you find in the area.

Transportation Options:

For those looking for transport from the airport/train station to the hotel a couple of options:

Use Butsaba’s van.
Costs is 1,500 baht per trip.
Organize with Butsaba directly. She prefers Line
She will be back in Thailand starting Feb 5th.
Local taxi - Khun Teep 089-261-4290
He drives a Toyota Atlas (normal BKK taxi) - 500 baht plus tip.
Organize with Khun Teep directly, he prefers Line.
He can arrange for pick-up trucks for bikes but need to negotiate a different price


The Hares

Resort details

Phone number: 061-959-3694, 093-941-9247

Email: tri1806tyris@yahoo.com



Price: 1,300 baht per room per night with 2 breakfasts


Saturday dinner: 400 baht per person, kids 200 baht.

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The rides


Tom 'Mother Trucker' I

What to expect?

Saturday Ride Off: 11:00 am

The Saturday ride is not a traditional hash ride; it is about 40 km long with short cuts
available to reduce the distance to 35km. The ride consists of a 1 hour shuttle ride up to
1,000 meters, then a 3KM pedal up on fire service roads to a beautiful Pine forests at
1,250 meters. The climb is not easy but getting off your bike and pushing up some of
the steeper sections is not hard. The views on the other hand are beautiful!
After you get to the top, the ride is mostly signal track and down for the next 23 km.
After the Pine forest, you will drop down into a Taeng Tree forest, then into a Teak tree
forest and then into bamboo forest before you see concrete. There are no rock gardens
and the trail is in good shape, mostly flowy with a few short steep sections. In total,
there are about 600 meters of up and 1,400 meters of down. A full suspension bike is
recommended but not required. This is an intermediate trail and the average hasher
will have a great time!

Sunday Ride off: 9:00am

This is a conventional Sunday Ride, family friendly unless you stray off on the FRB loops.
Total distance is about 27 km with some FRB loops for those who want more. Lots of
flowy single track with a total ascent of about 350 meters. This is a kid friendly ride with
short cuts available.


About 50 minutes North of the Chiang Mai Airport. Take Highway 107 North of Chiang Mai towards Chiang Dao. At Mae Rim, Turn left onto 3009. About 15 km, resort is on your right.

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