Apr 2018

Petchaburi, 28/29 Apr 2018

Thanatthichaburi Resort

The resort offers a wide array of activities: Swimming pool, horse riding, BB gun, ATV, jet ski, archery and more. Some activities require booking with the resort directly.

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Check back later for booking instructions.

The rides


Kim 'Bacteria Butt' H, Griselda 'Esmeralda' G, and Axel 'Nipple Whisperer' A

What to expect?

Ride details coming soon!


Directions coming later.
Important: Searching for the resort name on google maps will load an incorrect  location (in Kaeng Krachan). The location shown on this page is the correct one.

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Google Maps directions may deviate from the Hares misdirections due to traffic, construction areas, ...