Dec 2022

Ayutthaya, Sat 10 Dec 2022

The ski park has a restaurant (good Thai and western food) and water ski facilities (should you want to try it out).

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Lakhdeep 'Hairy Ball Maker' B, Henrietta 'Ball Handler' B, and Marcelo M

What to expect?

As usual, the briefing starts at 12:20 Saturday 10/12, so be on time,
and don't forget to PAY HASH CASH BEFORE the ride off!

The Te Wake n Skii Park will provide a Buffet Lunch before the ride
so please come hungry! (Price will be presented on spot)
There will of course be the normal Circle food after the ride.

What to expect about the ride:
A flat ride going through rice paddies, trails, back roads, bridges and temples.
Hot weather with little shade and lots of wildlife (reptiles, birds and mammals)
Total ride will be aprox 48km with a shortcut option of aprox 25km.
(FRBs to be discussed not yet confirmed)

The ride is kids friendly


TE Wake N Ski · 60/1 Moo 6 Tambon Kok Chang, Bang Sai District, 13190, Thailand

If you are coming from downtown, the most direct drive (all are easy, just choose a road heading north) is to take the Sirat Expressway north until you reach highway 346.

Take the exit to the northwest towards Pathum Thani. Drive northwest on 346 until you reach highway 3111 and exit to the north.

Drive north approximately 11 km. About 700 meters before the exit, on your left, you will see a large cement factory (the Kaweewan Concrete Factory).

Look for the exit that says “Wat Thang Yao” on your left. Make a left turn and take this exit.

Stay on this road for 1.27 km and turn left before the bridge at the four-way intersection (green gas pumps are on your right).

Drive 1.4 km on this road and the entrance to the TE Wake N Ski park is on your left about 300 meters.

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