Jul 2022

, 23/24 Jul 2022


Alex A


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Ride report

What to expect?

Easy rides in the well-known Khao Kheow Parc.

Saturday ride is around 35 km, with a single water stop at 16 km.

The Saturday's FRB will have the possibility to extend the ride on a more uphill and flowing track for an overall distance of 46 km.

Not technically but physically engaging, plan enough water to ride 30 km straight away as FRB comes before water stops.

Total elevation goes from 500 m to 650 m for the FRB loop.

Sunday is a smooth easy ride of 18 km on single tracks.

On Sunday, FRB could extend by 7 challenging km.  One single water stop after 9km for the regular ride, 16 km for the FRB riders.

Total elevation goes from 150 m to 300 m for the FRB loop.