Mar 2021

Ratchaburi, 27/28 Mar 2021

Eclectic hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a cafe/bar, as well as billiards & karaoke.

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Resort details

Phone number: 02-880-8911-2




Please contact K. Poom

She prefers to be contacted by line messaging app.

Line/mobile :0899191459

She can then provide you her bank details at Thanachart Bank, account name is Prapawan Rusmintratip.

There are various room types and prices. Please refer to hotel's website page for all options.

Below are the hash discounts from the website listed rates

Rim Kao 1 (PAPAYA); 2,000

Rim Kao 3; 4,000

Rim Kao 5; 2,800

Rim Kao 7 (river view); 1,700

Rim Kao 8 (river view); 1,700

Rim Kao 15 (river view); 8,100

Rim Kao 16; 2,400

Rim Kao 18; 2,125

Rim Kao 19; 1,700

Rim Kao 20; 1,700

Rim Kao 21; 1,700

Rim Kao 22; 1,700

VIP. 4 (river view); 2,400

VIP. 5 (river view); 2,125

VIP. 7 (river view); 2,400

VIP. 8 (river view); 12,000

VIP. 10 (river view); 3,200

บ้านriver view (river view); 1,700

room Florence; 4,000

room Naples; 4,000

room Milano; 4,800

room Verona; 4,800


The Dinner Buffet is 300 thb

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The rides


Guillaume 'Deep Throater' B, Sylvain 'Banana Split' B, and Romuald 'Serial Shitter' R

What to expect?

Suan Phueng is nested in a beautiful valley flowing through high mountains on the West of Ratchaburi province. The Saturday ride is 35 kilometers with 500 meters elevation. Landscape is stunning with unique chain of mountain view. Two FRB's loops will spice up this ride adding few hundreds meters elevation and fun downhills. Some many shortcuts will offer the possibility to ride back to the resort and enjoy the fresh water of the river.
Sunday ride will be a shy 20 kilometers running through smooth hills.
The temperature is rising week on week and we have to expect rather hot afternoon and everyone needs to be ready to carry plenty of water.
Both rides might be a bit difficult for kids , however there is an outdoor parc few kilometers from the resort where kids can have great fun, this parc is also very close from a lovely local craft market (Karen folks).


Exit Bangkok toward Ratchaburi either going toward Samut Songhkram or Nakhon Pathom.

Just before reaching Ratchaburi, follow the road 3208 toward Suan Phung area.

You will enter the main village of Suan Phung, and turn left after the 7/11 along the road 4068.

You can follow the signage to Scenery resort, as you will have to turn immediately after that famous place to find the Rimkao valley resort.

The road is quite narrow but take your time, and you will find the resort 500 meter away on your left.

There is 2 large parking in the beginning of the resort and if full they will have a secondary parking a bit further down the road. We will marked it on the HASH weekend,99.2885055,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x30e35072034adbe3:0x4fcb7755e8154c07!8m2!3d13.5069901!4d99.2906942

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