Jul 2020

Rayong, 25/26 Jul 2020

Large, isolated resort covering 500-rai, The resort is embraced by mountains, trees and small waterways including a 30-Rai lake. Attractions include the faux European styled Strawberry Town and a range of water-based and adventure activities.

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Resort details

Phone number:

Email: brooksidesalesrayong@gmail.com



  • 1,100 THB per room including breakfast. (Friday is 1,000 THB)
  • Extra bed 600 THB.
  • There are 45 Deluxe Lake View Rooms, which are located in the main hotel building. If these are filled you may be assigned a room outside of the main building.
  • Please indicate if you would like a double bed or two single bed
  • Each room comes with 2 coupons that can be used in the Resort for adventure activities, see resort website for an idea of the activities. This along with a pool should provide entertainment for the non riders.
  • Checkout at 3pm on Sunday


Friday: à la carte (restaurant closes at 8pm)
Saturday breakfast (included in the room rate): Breakfast buffet.
Saturday lunch: à la carte
Saturday evening: Buffet, Adults 300 THB / Kids 150 THB / Under 90cm Free (8 different choices including 3 vegetarian options). Bar closes at 11pm.

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The rides


William 'Slippery Crack' H, Suparatana 'Bitchy Bitchy Bang Bang' M, Wolfgang 'Shity Shity Bang Bang' M, and Andrew 'HB' D

What to expect?

Saturday Ride: Around 33 km ride, mostly off road (70%) with some climbing. An FRB route will add additional climbing. Roll of at 12:30 pm.

Sunday Ride: 27 km ride mostly dirt road/track and some single track, with a short cut possibility. Roll off at 9:30 am.

Both rides are mostly shaded along their lengths, with a mixture of rubber plantations and fruit orchards.


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