Jun 2018

Petchaburi, 23/24 Jun 2018

The resort is located in the middle of an 18-hole golf course in Khao Yoi District, Ratchaburi.

There is a hotel bar, restaurant, coffee shop, locker rooms, golf pro shop, driving range, swimming pool.

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The hares have reserved 25 rooms, but book rooms by 15 June as we will have to return the unused rooms to the hotel then.

Rates include breakfast for 2 people/room:

  • Superior room: B1,300
  • Extra bed: B500 (inclusive of breakfast)

Note: children under 12 years old sharing a bed with their parents are free of charge, up to a maximum of one child per one room.


Saturday lunch buffet is B250 and includes:

  • BimBimBap - (Korean style fried rice assorted with bottomless vegetables) -vegetarian/mild spicy
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fried Tofu - vegetarian
  • Mushroom Tom Yum Soup - vegetarian/mild spicy
  • Fruits (watermelon/pinapple)

Saturday dinner buffet is B300 and includes:

  • Yum Tua Ploo (Long bean salad)
  • Stir fried Vegetables
  • Thai Chicken Green Curry
  • Stir fry eggplant with basil
  • Pad Thai
  • Fruits

Please book your meals with your room.

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The rides


Tamas B, Sara 'Likes it Rough' M, and Richard 'Right Arsehole' F

What to expect?


The Saturday ride will include pushing your bike up hill for upto 15 minutes dependant on your fitness. (It is advised you take your time here so you can enjoy the forested hill top views which are a big part of the Saturday ride). There is a shortcut home along the road, which is mostly down hill. The ride is mostly made up of farm tracks, connected by some single track riding. There are also options to cut some corners and shorten the 42km ride.


Sunday is much less hilly and we hope, accessible for all types of riders. The whole ride will be around 22 km's, with a number of opportunities for riders to take shortcuts directly back to the resort. The ride itself starts out pretty flat and gets hillier and prettier later on.


From downtown Bangkok, take any expressway in the direction of Dao Khanong and take Rama 6 bridge across the river. Continue on highway 35 until the end (just past KM-marker 83) and exit left to highway 4, direction Phetburi (going south). Zero odometer when exiting 35 to go on 4 and follow instructions below.

  • 13.6 km - After having passed a Shell gas station on your left, take the next U-turn on the right (just past highway 4 KM-marker 138 on your right)
  • 14.3 km - Almost immediately after taking the u-turn exit left to the service road (don’t miss this first exit unless you like U-turns a lot)
  • 15.5 km - Take a left (a sign ‘Sawang Resort Left’ can be admired a few hundred meters before the junction)
  • 15.9 km - Cross a canal (take the bridge) and watch out for traffic left and right
  • 18.8 km - Turn right into the resort. At the roundabout, a first right will take you in the direction of the reception.

The drive should take 1.5 hrs, this is dependent on the time you leave and can take longer.
It is possibly worth checking google to get a better estimate, so there are no surprises.

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Google Maps directions may deviate from the Hares misdirections due to traffic, construction areas, ...